Real Preparation for Reel

A man in suit and tie posing for the camera.
Hollywood Access, Inc. actor plays Laurence Fishburne's son in the TV Series, "FreeRayshawn."

Established in 2008, Hollywood Access, Inc. is an exclusive entertainment company that develops and markets actors to top Hollywood agents, casting directors, producers, and directors and serves as a personal management company for a select group of actors.  With the goal of helping aspiring and working actors gain relevant and timely information, Hollywood Access, Inc. is committed to providing cutting-edge information, current industry training, and film and television opportunities.  The company also helps actors who sing and break into the music industry as recording artists.  Guided by vision, insight, and experience, our mission is to identify, train, market, and manage the careers of star talent.

A close up of sofia vergara in a pink dress
Hollywood Access, Inc. actor appears alongside Sofia Vergara in the Las Vegas episode of the TV Series, "Modern Family."

With over 50 years of combined experience in identifying and developing talent for success, our team of scouts, instructors, coaches, and entertainment managers maintain a true commitment to providing quality service and seeing that our clients reach their highest potential and best selves. Led by professionalism and integrity, we work to open doors that under ordinary circumstances would be unattainable and inaccessible. 

A group of people in the middle of a studio.
Set prep before film shoot.

It is only when preparation meets opportunity that one achieves true success. At Hollywood Access, Inc., we focus on making sure that our clients are well-trained, prepared for, and provided with top-notch, industry opportunities and information.